Lessons From A Main Street Cafe #2

(Originally written in January 2013)

Stars Don’t Necessarily Need A Stage

I’ve been to a burlesque show once. It was a strange experience watching how the performers simultaneously pandered to the audience while making sure their jobs were being completed. It was funny to see how the men were completely wrapped up in these girls as they danced and sang as if they had a valid interest in their lives. As the songs went on and the intermission morphed into the second act I found myself thinking about that Main Street cafe.

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Lessons From A Main Street Cafe #1

1. Mother Nature is but an inconvenience in the presence of peers.

The first of many blizzards hit the area not too long ago. It dropped over twelve inches of snow and the wind made it nearly impossible to see farther than ten feet. All the schools closed, a few of the local factories closed as well as my workplace. Given my new abundance of free time I decided to make the trek to my favorite cafe.

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