Finding My Own Destiny

I’ve been guilty of many things in my life. I have lied, cheated, stole, all in the same day sometimes. One thing though, that I’ve always tried to keep my hands clean of was buying into hype. But as hard as I’ve tried, there have been a few occasions that I have fallen prey to that specific temptation.

The surest way to pull me into hype is bold promises of adventure. Vivid paintings of space epics and conflict of the grandest sort will hook me and pull me under. This is what Destiny did to me. It was impressive with how quickly they sold me on their 10 year vision. Especially when you consider the fact that I was actually pretty late to the party. The first I had heard of Destiny was in a recap video for the E3 prior to the game’s release. All it took was those few months to convince me to drop my money down day 1.

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Oh Look, More Poetry

Graciously, There Are No More Holy Lands

Pillars held the sanctuary high
eight of them in the beginning
Strong and resilient and reliant on themselves
but grateful for the company

and the prayers inside the hallowed walls
were offered up to ancient gods
of innocent chaos
and pubescent fury

And like all things that are predicted
they all met their various inevitable conclusions

One by one in their own time

Some broke down into crystal quartz
and became the playthings of children
some into soft sand
for lovers to lay on

and a couple held their form
as best as they could
and eventually became ruins
for only the eldest to whisper within

“If you had only seen them when.”

Please God, Play It Slow

I learned something about the blues
something I think I was always supposed to know
you never know you’re playing them
until you’re nostalgic enough to write a song

To us, it was just humid August nights
driving as fast as we could for a just a breeze
looking to add more heat to our skin
or a way to forget the month

I think if I had been listening
I could’ve heard a guitar
as we fished the muddy waters
or a harmonica as the lightning hopped out of the clouds

But as far as we knew

the only music
was the silent tune of American Melancholy
and we had sold our souls to it
so how could we have known the songs we were missing?

My Shoulder Will Not Be Cried Upon, Not Tonight

The sun has gone away, far away
and along with it’s rays, my sensitivity
In this darkness I think I prefer you shattered
I am not concerned that you’re wounded

I couldn’t give a damn for your cries for help

In the morning I swear to you,
I’ll curse the waters that are pulling you under
I’ll hold you upright
I’ll keep your motion forward

But tonight


Just lay yourself upon me
and compete against the howling beasts
there’s a wild constellation above us
and these heartfelt talks have become too civil

Thrash, shake, and writhe
we can be the demons in the absence of light

and tomorrow


the sincerest mending can begin again.

I Don’t Think I Can Do It Again

I don’t think I will ever go to another Third Eye Blind concert. Not because the night I spent in Chicago listening to them was a bad experience mind you, it was exactly the opposite actually. The few hours I spent soaking up the Lake Michigan breeze and absorbing the heat from the others in the crowd were magical, in the way only music in the summer can be. The reason I can’t see myself attending another show is because I simply won’t have anything to offer in return the way I did that night. Continue reading