I Still Write Poems Sometimes

Every Door Is A Pearly Gate At 9 o’clock

I prayed to god the other night,
simply to thank him
thank him that he made me a non-believer
’cause I don’t think I could handle
the balance between damnation and paradise
with her name in my head

It wasn’t always like this
I didn’t always
have to rely on sex, sad songs,
wine and blank walls to help me
figure it all out
there used to be salvation somewhere
But I think its found a better home
somewhere in that rectangle

I refuse to say I’m lost
because you’d find me if I did,
god, you were always better at finding things.

Open Mic With Only A One Person Audience

The radiator banged and wailed
like anyone that age has a right to
but the man played on,
like anyone that age is likely to do.

He played songs that weren’t his
but no one could dare to steal
the ghosts that came with them
and the specters brought
brought their own chains to give
that cast iron heater a run for its money
I’m sure somewhere
in the mess, an angelic chorus
lead by a drunken balladeer
peeked in on the revelry and offered up a whisper

In fact, the only spirit
that failed to show was hers
She used to always be there
enduring all the fights
now her void will haunt me.





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