A Small Town Wisconsin Crime

There’s nervous hands, folding over each other instead of reaching out for a partner. There’s innocent eyes, acting guilty. Of course there’s talk of topics that have nothing to do with what is desired. It’s rock and roll. It’s the movies. Maybe it’s in an empty house, or on the floor surrounded by others. If tradition is important then it’s happening in a car.  If luck is there, then there’s lips touched with the taste of stolen wine, beer, or candy flavored vodka. The only obstacles left are teenage nerves and the center console. Damned are those who drive stick shifts. The poets with their quills or guitars have already given the instructions. All that’s left is the kiss, then…

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On The Road With Biscuits

I don’t intend to use this blog to advertise every episode of my podcast. But, this may be one of the few exceptions. In our latest episode, Owen and I have a lengthy discussion about Jack Kerouac, his book On The Road, the beat generation, and multiple topics about intelligence, drugs, talent, and shifting opinions based on age (starting at 28:10). I think the topics we brought up are really fascinating and I’m very curious about what others may think about this.

I’d like to ask you all to listen to our podcast and then let me know either through this post or via twitter (@joncperson or @notbiscuits) what your thoughts are.

You can subscribe/listen to the podcast on itunes or find it here.

P.S. the rest of the podcast is good too, also there’s some NSFW language