He Mustn’t Find A Preferable Way (Tidbit Thursday 1/16/14)

Hello everyone, Jonathan here, ya know, the guy who writes all this stuff. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited,liked and commented on my blog. I know this particular feature hasn’t seen much life lately, but I’m determined to bring it back and even evolve it a bit. So stick around after the show for some important messages. 


He Mustn’t Find A Preferable Way

She was the springtime. Her skin was a cheerful pink and her eyes were newborn blades of grass. She spoke of life and the coming while holding a chill behind her teeth. Her neck curved upwards letting her head rise on the warming air.

Peter knoe what he wanted most was held inside her. Beyond her pristine white uniform forced upon her by her catering job. He also knew that everything she could never be was trapped in his business casual mix of navy blue and pastels.

The hill she sat upon was an easy climb. A slow rolling wave of land covered in golden spears of beachside reeds.

“Shouldn’t you get back down there?” She asked.

“Naw, everyone who needs to be there or wants to be there, are.”

They looked down on the pair of white tents, strung up with lights and filled with Peter’s different faced clones: work associates, distant relatives and influential figures from his life.

“Well aren’t you the little drama queen?’

“What about you? Don’t you have to get back?”

“Nope, I’ve worked too long here. Figured my last day should have a view.”

Beyond the canvas peaks the sea pulsed, spitting bits of foam into the sky. It was strange that they chose to announce Peter’s partnership here. As if showing off everything that would be hidden from him for years as he swam in more mundane oceans.

It was all set up. A loving girlfriend, destined to be a wife, a new prestigious postition and a final view of the sea.

“Yeah, it is quite a view.” Peter said, looking into her bubbling chartreuse eyes.

“Oh, so you’re cheesy too?”

“I blame the salt water in the air.”

“It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? The only thing it has to listen to is the moon. And even then, all the moon would make it do is gret new grains of sand. Other than that, the sea is free to do what it wants. If it wants to storm, it storms big. If it wants peace and quiet, it becomes a mirror. It’s happy Pete.”

Words continued to be shared, as well as flesh and a bed of earth. The days went on, never failing once in their routine. Peter found his new oceans and his girlfriend found her destiny. They built a house on a great lake of paved roads and lawns with perfect right angles. The days when he was tasked with tending to the grass, he would think about the patches of reeds on the beach. He thought about how they hid his infidelity from the eyes of all his life’s benefactors. He knew he could’ve gone away, using those same weeds to mask his trek.

He didn’t hate his life. Not like his neighbors did, or the people at his office. They truly loathed their existence. But that was because they never had the opportunity to leave. The option was never in front of them, so they would go on with the rest of their lives knowing that there was something ailing them, but never knowing it was the choice. Peter had made his, whether he thought it was the right one or not, didn’t matter, he was content with the fact that he did his part to push the slow rolling boulder of his life down a specific hill.

Then one day in their spacious home they were startled by a knock of the door.

Peter’s wife answered the door and found nothing but a child; A baby with cherry blossom tinted skin and sun dried clover eyes.

When Peter joined his wife, who was filled with questions and accusations as was her right, he saw the child laying there. He made no attempt to calm his partner, no objections to her charges. He would never tell her the truth, that was his to hold. If he was going to have one thing that was truly his, it would be that hill.

“We should go to the ocean.”


So, what’d ya think? Okay, onto the messages I promised earlier. This year, my goal is to push my writing beyond the point I’ve taken it so far. I want to explore new themes, styles and topics. Now, I could go trolling through the internet in search of writing prompts and whatnot, but that’s too boring. So I thought, what if I turned to you fine folks? Here’s the deal, I’d like for you to tweet me suggestions to write on. It can be an idea, a phrase, a single word, maybe just a genre, or hell, all of em. You can either tweet them to me directly @joncperson or use #tbsuggest the plan is to take these suggestions and find a fun way to explore them. I even have a few other ideas that I’m going to be looking into in the coming days. 

Once again, thank you for reading, your comments are always welcome and appreciated and I’m always willing to interact with my readers. 


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