Truth In The Headlights of a Truck


I’ve been having an affair. This may seem like something too personal to share here and I would’ve agreed had it been a few months ago. In my attempts to live a more open life, I’ve decided that if something about my life could possibly be an interesting blog, I’ll share it. I’ve been having an affair.

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Protect (Tidbit Thursday 7/25/13)

Hello everyone. As a little bit of a forward I wanted to say that I don’t normally consider myself a fan of my own ideas, but I actually really liked this one. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances the time I had to actually bring this idea to fruition was not great. I think someday I‘ll revisit this concept, most likely not the same setup or characters but…ya know what, why don’t you just read it for yourself.

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An Occurrence In Peterstown (Tidbit Thursday 7/18/13)

It was a banner day for Peterstown; two funerals in one day. A somber day for certain, but unlike the various fairs and festivals the town held, this was an event that couldn’t be missed. The townsfolk came out one and all in their Sunday’s best. They stood along the edges of the cemetery on their toes trying to get a look at the dual congregations. Only the families were allowed to actually enter and take part in the grieving, which was fine with the townsfolk, not a single one would dare try to edge closer regardless. They didn’t want their funeral to be next.

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A Farewell To Thursday

So, that’s it. Five days, five stories.

I know that in my original post I said a whole week which is typically seven days but my schedule for this weekend is going to make writing two more stories incredibly difficult. So a work week will have to do.

I would like to thank everyone who read my stuff, those who liked them and those who liked them enough to follow this blog. When someone decides to follow me I take it as a declaration of faith. Faith that I won’t waste your time and I’ll do what I can to entertain you. I promise I’ll do what I can to make sure that faith isn’t the blind sort.

Once again thank you all. Feel free to follow me on twitter (@cadottej) and share and comment. Let’s make a real relationship out of this.

Travelling Companion (A Week Of Thursdays Pt.5)

The sound of Elias’ coughing echoed throughout the house. What he perceived as air rushed into his lungs faster than he could handle. His hands instinctively went to his neck. His skin was smoother than it should’ve been as if it had been rubbed to a glassy state. Once he regained his composure it dawned on him that he was not alone. There weren’t too many with him, just him, his ghost and his corpse.

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Sir (A Week of Thursdays Pt.4)


The house was situated on top of the largest of the many hills in town. It was a newer structure, but it tried to wrap itself in an old world disguise. To new arrivals the trick worked, but for those who had more than a year in the town, it was somewhat of a blight. Nonetheless, it was an impressive house, albeit still small compared to some of the other houses Miles had served. It lacked the grandeur and spectacle he was accustomed to. Yet, in those walls he hoped to find something other than decadence, something pure.

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