Put Me In Coach


There’s a phrase that I’ve always enjoyed. It can vary depending on the context but part that generally doesn’t change is “out of my league”. It’s the ultimate depreciating sentence that can be uttered and this is why I love it. 

The amount of uses for this phrase are nearly limitless, but here are some common ones. If you’re attracted to a someone who might be far more beautiful than you then “She/he is out of my league.” If you’re tasked with a job that is out of your skill set “This is out of my league.” Now this may seem depressing, but there’s a certain amount of hope that comes with this. 

See, the idea of a league is a hopeful one. You might not be in that top tier league. But you might someday. Like in baseball or sports in general, if you just play well enough you can make it to the major league, the top tier. This goes for the normal boring life most of us have as well. You might not match that beautiful girl in terms of looks, but you might be able to do or be something that gets her anyways. You might make it to her league. 

Now, for me I’ve never really felt like this phrase has ever applied to me. It might be arrogance or just confidence, but I always felt that I could compete in someway in those upper leagues. Now, this isn’t true, but it’s the fantasy that I’ve wrapped around myself for many years, it’s only been in the last week that I realize that I am truly out of my league with something. 

I started a new job. I’ve had many jobs in my life, but this is the first one that’s ever pushed me physically. I’m not a horrifically non-physical person, but I’ve never had to work like this before. In just two short days I removed myself from a job where I felt competent to a place where I was surrounded by people who are truly good at their job and I am not. 

It’s a strange to feel so much lower than your peers. Everyone moves with confidence, with knowledge and physical prowess. While I stumble around, sweat and breathe heavily like a toddler walking through a pool of oatmeal. I am that toddler right now, I am out of my league. 

Like I said though, there’s hope in being out of one’s league. There’s a visible level that can be obtained. I can see what I need to do, I understand what I will have to put my body through. So, I just have to keep myself on the playing field and wait for my own brain to promote me to the majors. 


Alright time for a little update. I made this blog for the main purpose of letting everyone know that I have a new job. This of course comes with a multitude of issues. The biggest one is the hell it’s placing on my schedule. So as I work out the kinks and learn when I’m going to have free time and when I’ll have the energy to write, things here will update more regularly. That means the blogs will return to their once a week status and Tidbit Thursdays will return to Thursdays, somehow. 

Thank you for the patience. 


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