State Of The Writer (4/27/13)


Motivation folks, motivation. That’s been the word of the week. Whether it’s the drive to continue writing, or the push to be healthier, I’ve been dictated by motivation. Thankfully, it’s been the abundance of motivation rather than the lack thereof.

Some of you probably know that I’ve already paid my registration fee for a 5k run in July. What makes this run interesting is that it’s a Zombie Survival Run. Basically it’s a 5k run, where the course is dotted with obstacles and flooded with people dressed up as zombies. I’ll be given a few flags, which the zombies will be greedily trying to steal and the goal is to make it to the end with at least one of those flags.

The problem is that I’m horrifically out of shape. Essentially, after I turned ten my athletic abilities ceased to exist. I’m not sure where it went, but it’s gone and I’m now trying to get it back. I’ve done this by irregular visits to the gym, where I push myself halfway to my brink and then when I miss a date I feel miserable.  But, this week I turned it up a notch. I tried my first outdoor run.

I had good intentions and it seemed that mother nature was willing to help me out. It was only after I had ran less than a quarter of a mile that I realized that Mother Nature is a liar. The temperature seemed to drop dramatically and I was then trying to push my way through stiffening legs and burning lungs. Not fun, not fun at all.

Other than that, I managed to write on two of my ongoing projects while writing a longer blog about my love of beer, Wisconsin and rambling philosophical digressions. 

I’ve just recently decided to throw my hat into the writing contest ring. I’ve been working on a single story that I would try and polish as much as humanly possible and then submit. I’ve been using Poet’s & Writer’s to find contests that I feel like I could actually compete in. This seems serendipitous since they have just released a big issue all about contests, of which I haven’t actually read yet.

Also, it turns out someone has told my mother about my presence on Amazon via my short story. I’m almost certain that I told her myself when it was released but she’s just now showing interest in buying and owning a copy of her own. Not to say she’s not supportive of my writing. I feel like if I did tell her, it was in passing and she simply forgot. But now I have to teach her how to put the kindle app onto her computer and then how to make a purchase on Amazon. This could be a trying experience. But one of love.

Now onto the numbers and stuff.

Lords of The City part 2: 7727 words- 69% (tee hee)

Short film script (tentatively called Look Away): 754 words- 26.5%

Children’s story (tentatively called The River King): 108 words- 41%

Short story for competitions (not tentatively called Johnson): 1116 words- 41%

And that will do it for this weeks State of The Writer. Here’s hoping that by next week I’ll have tales of my physical prowess to share, as well as more well thought out statistics that are backed by meticulous calculations.

Have a good one.


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