Eyes To The Somewhere (Short Story)

“Alright, everything’s in order. Just one more, right there on that line.”

Jansen didn’t need the instruction. His eyes had been on the dashes since the contract had been slid in front of him. He had never been very graceful when it came to signatures. He always spent too much time on it, basically spelling his name out rather than creating something unique. He fostered as much urgency as he could and put his mark down before some new consequence was invented in him.

The man across from Jansen was drenched in bureaucracy. A simple suit, shiny yet comfortable shoes, and a funny tie. It must’ve been casual friday. The set of large pearly wings that spread out from his shoulders were a new addition to the nine to fives Jansen had known. Continue reading

Good Answer (short story)

Hello, as always this italicized text means I have a few words before (sometimes after) the post. Like I mentioned the other day I had plans to unload a bunch of fiction on here this week. I wasn’t lying. It’s actually kind of a miracle that this is happening. I have to admit, writing has been pretty hard for me lately. Not only have I had the normal day to day stuff to deal with, I’ve had a bit of a crisis creatively. I found myself no longer interested in the things I was writing, I felt as if I was telling the same tales over and over again, I needed a new approach. So with that in mind I set out to tell the stories I wanted to, using elements I had never really explored. What follows is the results of this experiment. As always my theory behind releasing stories on this blog remains: These are early drafts of these stories so, enjoy. 

Good Answer

It was coming. Like any good inevitability there’d be absolutely no stopping it. It arrived the day before and it would surely rear it’s head any time now. There wasn’t much that could be done to prevent it, the only salvation came from simply not being present. Sometimes though, that just wasn’t possible and those who remained would be subject to the onslaught. Continue reading

Cotton Storms and Spiced Apple Wine

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I have a bit of a problem. I find myself searching, with everything I have, for some sort of life changing meaning in the various minutes of my life. The issue I find myself running into though, is that as I’ve become older, those soul shaking epiphanies I thought I had discovered don’t seem so important anymore, or even worse, feel false and tainted with youthful misconceptions. Sometimes, just sometimes, there’s no bigger meaning to be found, sometimes it’s just cotton storms and underage drinking. Continue reading

Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Like most things, I’m not quite sure when I started loving bat-shit crazy things. I used to pride myself on enjoying things that could be considered “high class”. At one point I even made it a priority to inform people that American Beauty was my favorite movie. Yet, now that I’m getting to an age when it’d make sense for that to hold my top spot for cinema, I have to say that I’d probably choose to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service over American Beauty 9 out of 10 times. Continue reading

Review: The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

I don’t often write reviews, mostly because I don’t feel confident in my ability. Yet sometimes, something comes along and I feel compelled to overcome my fears and share my opinion. This happened to be the case when it came to The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman is a name I’ve heard a lot or over the years and for good reason. He’s prolific in every medium he creates in, from graphic novels to traditional prose. I had just never read anything by him. But a newfound desire to read everything I had missed due to years of Youtube gorging set me on the path towards this book. Once there though this novel wrapped itself around not only who I am but who I once was before I understood 401ks. So much so, that it’s difficult to examine elements of this story without doing the same to myself. Continue reading

A Small Town Wisconsin Crime

There’s nervous hands, folding over each other instead of reaching out for a partner. There’s innocent eyes, acting guilty. Of course there’s talk of topics that have nothing to do with what is desired. It’s rock and roll. It’s the movies. Maybe it’s in an empty house, or on the floor surrounded by others. If tradition is important then it’s happening in a car.  If luck is there, then there’s lips touched with the taste of stolen wine, beer, or candy flavored vodka. The only obstacles left are teenage nerves and the center console. Damned are those who drive stick shifts. The poets with their quills or guitars have already given the instructions. All that’s left is the kiss, then…

Everything. Continue reading

On The Road With Biscuits

I don’t intend to use this blog to advertise every episode of my podcast. But, this may be one of the few exceptions. In our latest episode, Owen and I have a lengthy discussion about Jack Kerouac, his book On The Road, the beat generation, and multiple topics about intelligence, drugs, talent, and shifting opinions based on age (starting at 28:10). I think the topics we brought up are really fascinating and I’m very curious about what others may think about this.

I’d like to ask you all to listen to our podcast and then let me know either through this post or via twitter (@joncperson or @notbiscuits) what your thoughts are.

You can subscribe/listen to the podcast on itunes or find it here.

P.S. the rest of the podcast is good too, also there’s some NSFW language